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Each event is unique in itself, and such must be the  cart. Cart designed to be precise, to be used in studios or fashion shows or faster cart, which are better suited to sporting events, where following the action is the only thing that matters.


The stabilization system is divided into two parts: a mechanical stabilization, to dampen the smallest vibrations and cushion the most abrupt changes of direction and a second stabilization managed by the Ronin 2, capable of making any movement fluid.


The control station, consisting of two small consoles, one for service and one for control, are completely developed in 3 small Flight Cases. The whole system is controlled via radio, as well as all the camera controls, which can also be remotely controlled.


The whole system has been designed to be as less invasive as possible: the control station can be placed anywhere, to better hide from the scene; rope that can be anchored around supporting columns, with ground tensioning, for a quick intervention on the cart.

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